Pierogi and the People

Apparently, going to something called Pierogi Fest is my internship duties description and I’m happy with that. And if you’re thinking “will all of her blog posts have food references in the title?” The answer is no…maybe.

I want to briefly mention what I did today at my internship. After some required reading (assigned from a syllabus, no less), I’m starting to get a better idea of what these projects are about. In a meeting today we went over guides for doing interviews/oral histories. I can see that this internship is all about the intersection between heritage, industrial and labor history as well as environmental conservation. Personally, I’m happy to see attempts that make heritage and history useful for communities. As a public historian, my greatest hope for my future career is that my work can actually achieve something positive for an individual or group. I don’t want everything I do to remain in a book or a museum case (mind you I still enjoy studying the family tree of the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt and other similarly “useful” historical knowledge).

I wonder if any of you would like to comment on what responsibilities historians have to the the pubic.  Can historians simultaneously be activists?